Chicken festival new orleans 2018

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National Fried Chicken Fest

chicken festival new orleans 2018

National Fried Chicken Festival 2018 in New Orleans

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Celebrating a southern favorite, vendors from near and far come to town to fry up chicken and compete for the best fried chicken plate. With two live stages, the Woldenberg Park is an excellent, open-air venue to gnaw on fried chicken and take in the afternoon. This means lots of fried chicken varieties. Restaurants from Louisville, Atlanta, Mobile, Austin and local New Orleans fried chicken joints are all getting in on the action. Check participating restaurants here.

Straight up, on a bun, hot and spicy, or smothered in sauce— I love it all. After watching her IG stories, I knew I had to get involved. When the weekend finally came, I packed my bags, kissed my cat, and hopped on a plane headed back down south. The festival was two days long and started each morning around 11 AM. Once we had our score sheets, each table received a corresponding table number that represented what category you were judging that day: either Classic Fried Chicken or Fried Chicken Used in a Dish. With over 35 restaurants participating, I made sure to show up hungry. Both categories were delicious, but I loved seeing all of the creative, nontraditional ways the contestants were able to incorporate fried chicken the most.

New Orleans is home to so much great food. On September 22 and 23, there will be a two-day event to celebrate the Louisianan specialty of fried chicken. And in New Orleans, where there is food, there is music. There will be live music on two stages throughout the park. There will be food from over 35 vendors and food trucks nationwide in addition to cooking demonstrations, kids activities, a Chicken Tender Eating Contest and Best Fried Chicken Contest to be judged by renowned food bloggers and critics. Dessert options include Sucre and Orleagian Snowballs. In addition to the great performances and food to appear this year, the National Fried Chicken Festival is unveiling a new music sponsorship program to keep the event free and the music playing.

National Fried Chicken Festival

Fried Chicken Festival 2018

National Fried Chicken Festival: New Orleans 2018

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Crispy, extra crispy, double dipped, spicy, mild, extra spicy -- fried chicken is served a lot of ways in a lot of wonderful places in New Orleans. The free, outdoor festival is expanding to 3 days in It will have food from more than 35 restaurants and music on three stages. And, naturally, the chefs compete in a best fried chicken contest judged by local and national food critics. Dance while you dine at the main-stage on the Great Lawn or at the local DJ stage. Swing by the cultural arts stage to see community dance groups shake it.


Fried Chicken Fest 2018: Here’s the full menu of finger-licking dishes




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