Is boba tea gluten free

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Vegan Bubble Tea (Boba)

is boba tea gluten free

Is Bubble Tea Gluten Free?


Tapioca pearls are chewy balls made of tapioca starch, that are naturally gluten free. Bubble Tea is usually made with milk powder, or standard dairy milk and sweetened with refined sugars a lot of it too! So while it CAN potentially be healthy depending where you order it, and what you add on to your order, making it at home will almost always give you a healthier result. In addition to being able to control the ingredients, level of sweetness and type of milk used, making it at home is also super cost effective and creates less waste. You also cut down significantly on waste as most bubble tea is served in a single use plastic cup, with a plastic seal that you break through with a plastic straw. Making it at home means no single use plastic needed, especially if you invest in a reusable bubble tea straw!

Tapioca is gluten-free. Since it's not a grain gluten only occurs in the grains wheat, barley , and rye , tapioca is naturally gluten-free in its pure form. However, not all brands and products with tapioca as an ingredient are safe on the gluten-free diet. Tapioca is not a grain at all. Instead, tapioca flour and tapioca starch are produced from the peeled roots of the tropical cassava plant , native to South America. Cassava is an important source of starch and calories for people in both South America and Africa, and is a staple food in many countries on those continents. Cuisines in southeast Asia also use pearl tapioca.

You must be wondering, bubble tea has a few ingredients in it that might alarm people that are sensitive or even allergic to gluten.
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Bubble tea is most common in Taiwan, and even though it's become hugely popular outside of Taiwan, you can still get a lot of confused looks when you mention it. Phan has been drinking bubble tea since he was 10 years old. That's a long time to have been drinking bubble tea. Tapioca is a starch that comes from the cassava root. We flavour it with brown sugar here. Then they flavour it by adding juices or fruit syrups to it. Everyone has a personal preference but I like them to be quite chewy but still soft, and I like to be able to chew each pearl five or six times.

I have a friend who wants to take me out for bubble tea, but I feel awkward because I'm not sure about contamination issues. Also, I know that I can get milk free bubble tea, but I'm a little worried about contamination. Ask the place ahead of time. Maybe go by and sope it out. What would contaminate the tea?


Bubble Tea Is Apparently Super Bad For You, And We’re So Sorry

Editor's note: Tapioca is gluten-free, as is nata de coco, so all toppings in properly made bubble tea are gluten-free, as is the tea itself.
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  1. Whether a bubble tea drink is fruity, frothy, malted or milky, the common factor that makes it a unique beverage is the layer of mysterious round toppings at the bottom of the cup.

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