What is a ghost gun

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Officials across the country fear a new era of untraceable firearms

what is a ghost gun

A ghost gun is a firearm without serial numbers. The term is used by gun control advocates, gun rights advocates, law enforcement, and some in the firearm.

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LOS ANGELES Business is so good at online retailer Ghost Gunner that it's sold out of its most popular items: key pieces for homemade assault-style rifles known as "ghost guns" which exist under the radar of law enforcement. The "80 percent lower receiver" parts are so named because they fall just short of meeting the federal definition of being guns unto themselves. They can easily be shaped and fastened into full-fledged killing machines. But those who want to use Ghost Gunner's popular CNC computer numeric control tool to do this will have to wait: it's sold out, too. The future of firearms 3D-printed weapons and ghost guns have officials so alarmed they're calling for stricter regulation. Both types lack serial numbers that would enable law enforcement to track them, and both are available in plastic, which can bypass metal detectors, especially if certain parts like firing pins are removed.

It began as an operation targeting a cocaine ring in southern New Jersey.
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This is my ghost gun. To quote the rifleman's creed, there are many like it, but this one is mine. I did this mostly alone. Still, I made a fully metal, functional, and accurate AR To be specific, I made the rifle's lower receiver; that's the body of the gun, the only part that US law defines and regulates as a "firearm.

California officials are increasingly concerned that mass shooters and other criminals are using "ghost guns" as an end run around the state's strict gun laws. One in three guns seized in California is homemade and has no serial number, according to federal firearms officials. Legally, this makes them all but invisible and extremely hard to track; hence the expression "ghost gun. At a meeting this week of L. City Council's Public Safety Committee, police Captain Paul Espinosa told council members that ghost guns started appearing more frequently about six years ago.

'Ghost Guns' Are Becoming A Big Problem In California. Here's Why

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