Nc child support worksheet b

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North Carolina Child Support Guidelines

nc child support worksheet b

Use this worksheet when (a) Parents share custody of all the children for whom support is being determined, or (b) when one parent has primary physical.

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Long after parents push through the turmoil of ending their personal relationship, clashes surrounding child support issues can continue to be a sore spot for families. For example, if your financial circumstances change, you may not be able to afford the child support you were ordered to pay. On the flip side, if the other parent is ignoring child support obligations, you may be under pressure to take action right away to get the money you need to raise your child. The Raleigh child support lawyers at Charles R. Our Raleigh child support law firm is dedicated to helping parents make it through these tough times. Ullman was one of fewer than family lawyers in the state to receive this distinction at the time he earned certification. Schedule a consultation with our dedicated legal team today to discuss how our Raleigh child support lawyers can make a difference in your case.

The NC child support calculator is intended to help parents determine how much money they will pay in monthly child support. This contribution is usually made by the noncustodial parent. This calculator determines the value of child support to be paid based on income, days the children spend in your custody, and other child-related expenses within the state of North Carolina. To use the NC child support calculator, fill out the fields below and click the next button when you have finished. You may leave fields blank if they are not relevant to you. Example: If you have the child every other weekend and 4 weeks in the summer you should enter 80 overnights.

It is not uncommon to be concerned about the amount of your child support obligation, to seek to modify your child support obligation due to changes in employment, income, and other factors. Are you unsure about how ancillary items like health insurance payments, private schooling tuition, day care, and summer camp figure into your child support obligation? Is the other parent in your child support case demanding an amount you feel is excessive or unfair?
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These are the guidelines used by the Court to calculate the amount of child support to be paid by one parent to the other. These guidelines are reviewed, and revised if necessary, at least every four years. The last revisions to the Child Support Guidelines occurred on January 1, In most court cases, child support is decided based on these guidelines; however, either party my request to not follow the guidelines if either party feels the calculation will not result in an appropriate amount of child support being paid to support the minor children. In addition, the Court on its own motion may deviate from the child support guidelines if following the guidelines in a particular case would be unjust or inappropriate. In the event the parties agreed to an amount of child support in a Separation Agreement, the court will assume this amount is reasonable to be ordered to be paid as child support unless the party disputing the amount can provide that said amount is unreasonable.

In North Carolina, there are presumptive guidelines, i. So what information do you need to calculate how much child support you may receive from the other parent or pay to the other parent in the event of separation or divorce? In addition to these expenses, you also need to know the physical custody schedule of the child ren. If the child ren spend at least overnights per year with one parent, then worksheet A is used to calculate child support and that parent will receive the highest amount of child support possible under the guidelines. If both parents have at least overnights with the child ren , Worksheet B is used and the actual number of overnights affects the amount of child support paid. But keep in mind that calculating an accurate amount of child support can be tricky, especially if one or both parents are self employed or have an irregular income stream. Also, if you have unusual financial circumstances, it may be prudent to request a deviation from the child support guidelines and an attorney can advise you on the best course of action.

Load More. The instructions on the Worksheet B form state: Worksheet B should be used when the parents share joint physical custody of at least one For example, child support would not be abated merely because the child spends an entire month with one parent during the summer. Worksheet B should be used only if both parents have custod B form in determining whether Worksheet B should be used. See Maney v.

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To use the child support calculator, select or enter the appropriate information next to each statement. - I frequently get questions about the difference between Worksheet A and Worksheet B. An explanation of the Worksheet A vs.

NC Child Support Worksheets A and B





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