Great spirit bluff cliff cam

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Great Spirit Bluff—Raptor Rescue Project

great spirit bluff cliff cam

Carson on the Cliff (Great Spirit Bluff falcons, 7/13/19).

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By now most of you are aware that all four young falcons jumped from the nest box at Great Spirit Bluff on June 17th. They were approximately 10 days away from fledging. Searchers were only able to find one of four falcons. He chose Red Wing Grain as the new site, since the two young falcons there are about the same age as Jonathon. We fostered Jonathon on the morning of June 19th and he seems to have adapted quite well to his new surroundings.

No problem! This list will be continuously updated to remove outdated or dysfunctional cameras and to add new noteworthy streams as they arise. Features several species of rays, fish, and sharks like sand tiger sharks. There are also occasional live streams led by rangers and researchers. This is a fantastic opportunity to bear witness to new species discoveries! Keep an eye out for the elusive angel shark!

Great Spirit Bluff Falcons Fly In Feed & New Cam 5-26-12 1:57pm CDT

Michelle thwarts GHO attack. Great Spirit Bluff Falcons. 21.44 / 15 May 2019

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Hatching begins in early to mid-May, fledge generally occurs days after that, and young disperse in late August or mid-September. The adults stay on territory until late fall. Peregrine falcons do not build nests out of sticks. They make scrape nests on ledges, potholes, and crevices on cliffs and buildings. This nest box is filled with pea gravel to provide a substrate that cushions and drains the eggs. Raptor Resource installed it in ; it became active in and has been productive ever since.




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