Lego dc super villains red bricks

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Lego DC Super-Villains Location Of All The Red Bricks

lego dc super villains red bricks

Lego DC Super-Villains: Level 2 / Its Good To Be Bad FREE PLAY (All Collectibles) - HTG

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There one Red Brick hidden in every level, including the five bonus levels - making 20 to find in total. Each one gives you a special cheat to activate, although once found you'll have to take it to STAR Labs in Metropolis to activate. Here's where they all are! Just remember, you'll probably need to go to the levels in Free Play to get all these - and when you go to Level Select on the menu you can see which part of the level the Red Brick is located! A gold statue near the top of the clock tower is holding it. In the fish tank on the second level.

Much like other Lego themed superhero games, there is a wide assortment of collectibles to gather up such as Red Bricks. These have been featured in a number of different Lego games which players must search for in order to gather certain game modes or features. Sometimes these Red Bricks can be difficult to find but we have you covered. Head to the golden statue found on the clock tower. Destroy the large fish tank on the second floor of the Iceberg Lounge.

The story of Lego DC Super-Villains revolves around you as a new rookie villains who will be joining other super villains to unleash mischievous antics and wreaking havoc. Just like most lego games here too you will be able to gather many different types of collectibles to unlock achievements and other goodies. The Redbrick is one of the many collectibles which you can collect to get more new features. Then head to the back side of the lab and enter through the window to get to the large Red Brick Screen. Below you will find the location of all the 20 red brick and how to get them during your playthrough and activate new features and game modes.

LEGO DC Super Villains Red Bricks Guide - Where to Find Them All

LEGO DC Super Villains Red Brick Guide

Red Bricks allow you to purchase and activate cheats from the main menu. Cheats can be toggled at any time. There is exactly one Red Brick in each stage and none in the overworld for a total of twenty. After a Red Brick is collected, you can head to STAR Labs by selecting a cheat marked "Available to Buy" in the menu, and you can then spend studs to buy the rights for it. It's advised to buy the stud multipliers first. They are multiplicative, so if you have Studs x2 and Studs x4 cheats active at the same time, you'll be collecting studs eight times the usual rate.

Posted By Pramath On 19th, Oct. The chief of these are the Red Bricks, which have long been the bane pun unintended of those who play these games. In this guide, we help you track down all of themthen, we also share some cheats for you to be able to unlock some cool stuff in the game. There are 20 Red Bricks in the game, one in each of the levels, and then one in each of the Bonus levels. As always, the ones you collect can also be used to unlock abilities for yourself.



LEGO DC Super-Villains Guide: Red Bricks Locations And Cheat Codes For Character Unlocks





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