John cena and big show vs jbl and orlando jordan

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No Way Out (2005)

john cena and big show vs jbl and orlando jordan

John Cena & Big Show vs. JBL & Orlando Jordan. By Amish Patel Huge Scandals That Rocked The History Channel · Saying Goodbye to.

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It was obvious that Cena was being pushed as the next breakout superstar in WWE after rising up the babyface ranks for a year leading up to this. Plus, people were saving their money for WrestleMania 21, which did the second best buyrate for a WrestleMania ever trailing only WrestleMania 17 at that point. Hello ladies. Funny how that works. The pyro went off and the cage was shown above the ring. Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show from their spot at ringside.

Designed to keep all of Layfield's associates out, and the champion in, the contest was the final stop for the champion on the road to WrestleMania. Escape with the title and he would cash his ticket to the biggest show of the year as one of the most unexpected and improbable champions in the history of the Showcase of the Immortals. That match was easily the most hyped and advertised on the entire card. In fact, were it not for John Cena's No. Nearly one decade later, World Wrestling Entertainment will again promote an event that is, essentially, a one-match show when Roman Reigns battles Daniel Bryan in the main event of Fastlane. Again, Cena will compete in the only other match of interest, this time battling the up-and-coming Bulgarian Brute, Rusev.

The main match on the undercard was the Number One Contender tournament final. The other main match on the undercard was the Undertaker versus Reigns. The match was made after Reigns interfered in the Undertaker's match during the Number One Contenders tournament. The second match was between Heidenreich and Booker T. London pinned Funaki with the help of Spike Dudley , who entered early.

John Cena vs. JBL US Championship: Orlando Jordan vs. Heidenreich Big Show always wins his matches if he loses on Smackdown!, so I'm going to stick.
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Esta noche, el mundo de la lucha libre esta de nuevo en Shock. Primero el domingo vimos perder la racha invicta del Undertaker y ahora, perdemos a uno de los mejores luchadores y con gran carisma entre el publico The Ultimate Warrior. View On WordPress. Log in Sign up. Another wrestler released from TNA.

WWE Classic of the Week: Big Show vs. JBL, Barbed Wire Steel Cage Match

John Cena, Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero vs. JBL & The Cabinet: SmackDown, Mar. 17, 2005

The Official Judgement Day Discussion/Predicting Thread!

The future of the Cabinet seemed to be in doubt in mid after the firing of Amy Weber and the resignation of the Basham Brothers who were then split in the WWE draft. With both men seemingly concentrating on their own singles careers, it seemed like the end of the Cabinet, but on the September 16, edition of SmackDown , after JBL lost to Rey Mysterio , he hired spin doctor Jillian Hall in order to fix his career. Though seemingly adding a publicist to the stable, there was no mention of the Cabinet until December 9, , when Jordan assisted JBL in a match. The return of the Cabinet was later fueled when Hall accompanied Jordan to the ring for a match taped for Velocity on December The group was organized like a presidential cabinet. The trademark of the group was the "Longhorn" pose, where each member raised their arms at an angle and positioned their hands flat resembling JBL's Texas longhorn symbol. During this time, he set up The Cabinet.

Chucky got most of the offence in making it a little obvious who was going to win. Kidma teased the SSP but eventually won with a roll up. Hardcore and Billy got far bigger pops than I would have hoped for. Billy seemed to be pretty fired up and made me laugh a few times by screaming out stuff at the Bashama and the ref before hitting moves. This was actually a pretty fun match with the Bashams doing plenty of illegal swapping and mocking Bob Holly for his driving history.


I quit WWE title match: John Cena vs JBL. Shawn Michaels (captain), Carlito, Kane, Chris Masters and Big Show vs Batista (captain), Bobby Lashley, Randy.
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  1. No Way Out () was the seventh annual No Way Out pay-per-view (PPV) event produced The predominant match on the undercard, was Kurt Angle versus John Cena, where the winner would .. On the SmackDown! after No Way Out, Cena and The Big Show defeated JBL and Orlando Jordan. . Jump up to: " JBL vs.

  2. The Cabinet was a professional wrestling stable that was part of World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) SmackDown brand. It was created by John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) shortly after he won the The stable had dwindled down to just JBL and Orlando Jordan. Jordan and JBL later destroyed Cena's "Spinner" belt .

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