Sexual chocolate coming to america

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sexual chocolate coming to america

Eddie Murphy is finally making "Coming to America 2" a reality, and he Hopefully, this means that Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate will.

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Sure you have -- it's a classic. Ok, so then you remember the scene when Eddie Murphy doubles as Randy Watson, the lead singer of "Sexual Chocolate, "and gives a nails-on-the-chalkboard rendition of Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" to a slow-clapping audience. Love the movie, love the scene, and I just happen to be a karaoke-lover, so what better stage name for me to choose than "Sexual Chocolate"? Every time I get up to sing karaoke, no matter where I am church, a kid's birthday party, Grandma and Grandpa's th anniversary , I sing my song with gusto, and when it's over, I do a sort of Saturday Night Live Molly Shannon "superstar" pose while yelling "Sexual Chocolate! When I think back to where my love of singing began, it had to have started with my mom, who starred in all sorts of hometown musicals as a child and teenager. She'd always regretted missing the Boat to Stardom, so she tried to pass on her "star" qualities to her kids. When I was older and actually allowed to listen to the radio I grew up without TV or radio until I was around 12 , I devoted myself to learning all the words to every current hit on Rick Dees' Weekly Top

the band Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America[edit]. The film's star, Eddie Murphy, appears in numerous roles, including the (terrible) lead singer of this band.
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Looks like Sexual Chocolate is coming back to the Silver Screen! Stay tuned everybody. You're all so lovely! Six months of Donald Trump, what has he done? Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate! All this crazy goin' round! All my beautiful people, I hereby announce my running for the President of the United States in !

Though regarded as a failure before it even released, the movie went on to become one of the most profitable films of and has earned a permanent place in pop culture. Not only does the film highlight the comedic genius of Murphy and Arsenio Hall but it also introduced audiences to a bevy of up-and-coming actors and actresses that we still see today. These and many other film references have now become household names and appear on various fan made clothing and merchandise around the world. When an actor and a director make a successful film together, they are usually happy to reunite on future projects. Such was the case with Eddie Murphy and John Landis. Having just worked on the successful comedy Trading Places in , these two men were pleased to work on another comedy together.

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Coming to America is a American romantic comedy film directed by John Landis and Murphy also plays: Randy Watson, a soul singer with the fictional band Sexual Chocolate; Saul, the white Jewish barbershop customer; and Clarence.
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