The old ball and chain

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Definition of old ball and chain, the

the old ball and chain

What's the meaning and origin of the phrase 'Ball and chain'?.

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I am always pleasantly surprised that Fidelio , Ludwig van Beethoven 's only opera and one that some consider a slog, runs less than three hours with one intermission. And I was even more pleasantly surprised at the sensational performance it was given at Caramoor last Sunday which was easily the most exciting, enjoyable concert I have seen come from the Venetian Theater. Beethoven long wrestled with the composition of Fidelio , an ode to marital love about a woman who disguises herself as a man in order to free her husband, a political prisoner, from the prison where he is being unlawfully held. While this performance was cast to perfection from top to bottom, the success of Sunday's presentation was due in no small part to the incredible Leonore of Elza van den Heever , her first performance of the part. Statuesque and wielding a sizeable, gleaming voice, van den Heever, known primarily to New York audiences for her performances of Elisabetta in Maria Stuarda and Donna Anna in Don Giovanni , commanded the stage from her first entrance. In Beethoven's majestic, sometimes-bombastic music, she never feared to play with dynamics and spun layered meaning out of every word of Joseph Sonnenleiter 's libretto. Her portrayal delivered majorly in both vocal power and restraint and was elevated by sensitive acting in this semi-staged presentation.

Something, usually a responsibility of some kind, that restricts one's freedom or limits one's possibilities for personal pursuits. This job is such a ball and chain, I can't wait to quit and start freelancing. As John got older, he felt that his decision to settle down and have a family became a ball and chain that prevented him from pursuing his dream to travel the world. A jocular but disparaging term for a person's spouse or significant other who is thought to stifle the person in some way. Almost always applied to a wife or girlfriend.

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the old ball and chain


The Old Ball and Chain: "Fidelio" and Beethoven Lieder at Caramoor

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The Old Ball and Chain

My mom and I were standing out on the back porch of my childhood home. The sky was darkening and the field behind the house was alight with fireflies, casting about their glowing mating call as we waited for the more high tech fireworks at the local racetrack to begin. The question felt like it came out of nowhere. Mom and I seldom talked about my relationship. I only dated a couple of guys in high school and she never asked me about any of them, which was fine because none were ever serious. When Jason and I got engaged, there was little talk about what that meant.

A ball and chain was a physical restraint device historically applied to prisoners, primarily in the British Empire and its former colonies, from the 17th century until as late as the midth century. A type of shackle , the ball and chain is designed so that the weight of the iron ball at the end of the short chain restricts and limits the pace at which its wearer is able to move, making any attempt at escape much more difficult. A ball and chain believed to date to the 17th century was found in the United Kingdom in It consists of a sphere of high-grade iron approximately 15 centimetres 5. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.



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  1. The allusion is that one's wife will not let one go anywhere (mostly meant as "go out", rather than "run away from her"), much like the ball and chain.

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