Difference between biography and autobiography

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Difference Between Biography vs. Autobiography

difference between biography and autobiography

The two traditional forms of literature that describe the character sketch and course of the life of a person are biography and autobiography.

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Biography and Autobiography are two forms of literature that are often confused to be the same due to the similarity in their meaning. An autobiography is a written account of the life of a person written by that person himself. In simple terms, it is the story that a person wrote about himself. An autobiographer describes various events, memories of his childhood, youth, and adulthood. In the recent past, autobiographies have increasingly become popular. Many celebrities, politicians, as well as ordinary people, are becoming more interested in writing their autobiographies. Sometimes autobiographies are written with the help of ghostwriters and collaborators.

Writing any type of nonfiction story can be a daunting task. As the author, you have the responsibility to tell a true story and share the facts as accurately as you can—while also making the experience enjoyable for the reader. There are three primary formats to tell a creative nonfiction story: memoir, autobiography, and biography. Told from the perspective of the author, memoirs are written in first person point of view. The defining characteristic that sets memoirs apart from autobiographies and biographies is its scope. Memoirs tend to read more like a fiction novel than a factual account, and should include things like dialogue , setting, character descriptions, and more. Authors looking to write a memoir can glean insight from both fiction and nonfiction genres.

While each of these forms of writing illuminates the life, work, and worldview of an individual, they are differentiated by the degree of objectivity and factual content, as well stylistic approaches and perspectives. An autobiography tends to be a more general history, while a memoir focuses on a specific piece of the author's life. Hughes, Langston, Nicholson, Stuart. Frank, Anne, Either in the form of daily accounts or entries for when events occur. Frequently include autobiographic reminiscences.

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Both biographies and autobiographies tell the stories of individual lives. Both are very popular forms of reading because readers naturally relate to a story told about the lives of other people. Celebrities, politicians, artists and historical figures are all common subjects for both biographies and autobiographies. Some very famous figures, such as Abraham Lincoln, have had hundreds of biographies written about them. The only difference between a biography and an autobiography is that an autobiography is written by the person who is the subject of the book. Therefore, autobiography is actually a sub-category of biography.

In the autobiography is the same personage that relates his life. In the biography it is another person who relates the experiences of some relevant personage. Although there was something similar in antiquity, it is only in the Renaissance when the first works of this type appear. For its part, the autobiography is a story in the first person written by the protagonist himself. Marco Aurelio is considered one of the first to write a book of this type. Both share the main purpose: to tell the life and works of some character.

The two traditional forms of literature that describe the character sketch and course of the life of a person are biography and autobiography. Both of these two presents the view of, what happened in the past where the author lived. These are non-fiction books, written in chronological order, tells a story about the person who made a significant contribution in a specific field. Many think that the two writing forms are one and the same thing, but there are noticeable difference between the two, that are presented in the given article. Basis for Comparison Biography Autobiography Meaning Biography refers to an account that tells someone else's life story. Autobiography means an account that tells your life story. Authorization Can be written, with or without the authorization of the subject.

Difference between biography and autobiography

Difference Between Autobiography and Biography

Both, the autobiography and biography refer to the life-long journey of a person. The biographies and autobiographies we have with us are written on the celebrities or written by the celebrities themselves. The autobiography and biography are the two terms that can be differentiated on the basis of its writer. In autobiography one writes the history of his life, and shares insights and interesting information, which were never known to the world any before. The thing about biography everyone needs to know is that the close friend, family member or any relative writing the biography makes it quite interesting as the writer together remains present with them in the first-hand experiences. It should be kept mentioned that the biographer writes it as a third person or the narrator of the incidents; the events included in the biography are based on the facts he has gathered about that person. The information is mostly presented in the hierarchal form in the biography, and the interested or never known before events or truths about that person spice up the biography more.







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